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National Distribution
For many years, OdorZone has worked with the finest global manufacturers of janitorial, sanitation,
and housekeeping equipment and consumables to supply some of the greatest customers in the world. OdorZone distributes janitorial and sanitary supplies to leading U.S. logistics, transportation, and supply chain providers, as well as automobile manufacturers, state universities, property managers/owners, food service facilities, industrial plants and sports arenas using OdorZone’s innovative and timely logistics network serving the 50-states, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
Cutting-Edge Technology
OdorZone also provides "cutting-edge" technology in Touch Free Restrooms, Cross-Contamination Control, Hand Soap Delivery Systems, Hi-Efficiency Cleaning Systems, Green/LEEDS compatible products for office, manugacturing, distribution, food service and retail facilities.

Facility Hygiene Services
Historically, OdorZone, LLC has provided restroom odor control services to markets in the
greater southeastern region of the United States, from San Antonio, TX to Raleigh-Durham, NC. The Service Division of OdorZone has impacted every major market in the SouthEast.
An Innovative Leader
Today, OdorZone, LLC is the innovative leader in restroom hygiene service and an increasingly important part of the sourcing strategies for many leading U.S. businesses.
National Distribution!                         Personal Service!